Graffiti artist for hire

Do you want an amazing and professional looking graffiti wall in your private home or office?

graffiti artist for hire

I offer professional graffiti art on commission for businesses and private homes. With 20+ years of experience in graffiti art, I can guarantee a beautiful and unique result, whether it is graffiti art for living room or for your office walls.

graffiti artist for hire

The design

No design is too hard for me to paint – whether you want a photorealistic painting of a photo, a 3d graffiti art mural or perhaps a more graphic painting with sharp silhouettes and letters.

My painting technique is a combination of spray paint, airbrush and brush, and the combination of these mediums together allows me to produce the most professional looking result for your project. I always adapt my technique to the subject to be painted so that the result is of the highest quality possible. See examples of my many previous cases in the menus “graffiti art” as well as “murals” above in the top menu.

graffiti artist for hire

The price

I am not the cheapest graffiti artist for hire, but not the most expensive either. If you are only looking for the cheapest solution for your project, then we probably are not a good match. As with everything else, you get the kind of quality you pay for.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in getting the most beautiful and professional result for your graffiti wall project, with extra attention to the details – then we have a good match.

See client statement + case study of my latest graffiti artist for hire project in a private apartment here (April 2019):

graffiti art

The price of a graffiti wall depends on both the size of the wall and the level of detail of the design – so I have no fixed prices, as it is individual for each project. However, i do have a minimum starting price of DKKR 1500 / USD 220 / EURO 200 for all projects. Therefore, send me a message in which you briefly describe your project : The measurements on the wall, and the design you want to have painted, along with the location of the wall, and I will get back to you asap with a non-committing proposition for your project. You may also want to state where in the world your task is to be performed.

Graffiti art on canvas

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique graffiti painting on canvas for your living room or office?

Graffiti art on canvas

I offer custom graffiti art on canvas – any wish can be met, whether you want a beautiful portrait painting or perhaps a more abstract design with beautiful and colorful shapes.

Graffiti art
When you hire me to do a custom graffiti painting on canvas, the same conditions apply as for graffiti walls in terms of price and agreement. If you live outside of Copenhagen and do not have the opportunity to collect it yourself, I can offer to send it to your adress via international shipping service, which will ensure that it arrives safely to you in 1-2 weeks.

Graffiti canvas

Murals on commission

Does your office or living room walls need to be refreshed with a large and beautiful mural?


mural art


I offer professionally executed murals on commission for companies and individuals. I have dedicated a whole menu for info about ordering murals, where you can read all about conditions, terms, pricing and other practical info here.


I have done mural commission work for a large number of different companies and businesses, including:
Siemens, Novo Nordisk, 3F, TV2, Gefion Group, Harder Gruppen, Just-eat, Fullrate, Telmore, Co-ro (sun-top), Mikkel Kessler, Vertic, Pentia, Cph airport, Carlsberg, Kbh. Kommune, among may others.


Graffiti workshop

I offer a fun and creative graffiti workshop for all types of purposes – including team building events, company parties, schools, clubs and institutions, etc.

I have dedicated a whole menu to my graffiti workshop concept, see and read client quotes, conditions, prices and all other practical info about the workshop

Lets have a talk?

Do you have a creative assignment that is outside of the above topics, or do you just have a question?

You are always welcome to contact me about a creative project. It’s free and i will get back to you within 24 hours. I can be contacted by mail and phone:

+45 26 20 94 15

I will look forward to hearing from you!

What i offer

Here you can get a complete overview of the creative services I offer:


– Office spaces
– Living rooms and private homes
– Schools & institutions

Graffiti art on canvas

– Exhibitions in galleries
– Graffiti paintings on commission
– Graffiti paintings for sale

Graffiti walls

– Graffiti painting directly on the wall
– Private homes and children’s rooms
– Offices & businesses

Custom Airbrush

— Bodypaint
– Bikes, cars and motorcycles
– Helmets and equipment

Graffiti workshops

– Graffiti / street art teaching & team building
– Creative development
– Airbrush on T-shirt


Contact BecomeOne

You are always welcome to contact me about a task. I can be contacted by phone or mail :

+45 26 20 94 15 //

I will look forward to hearing from you !