Large scale murals

See a selection of large scale murals I have painted primarily with nature theme in the gallery here.

Bumblebees and flowers mural (2022)

Client : institution the Bumblebee 

The childrens institution the Bumblebee wanted their large scale mural decorated with a colourful theme with flowers and bumblebees. The result can be seen here in this gallery.

The mural is painted with spray and airbrush. 

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Life tree mural (2021)

Client : Hobro school  

Life tree mural painted in a school, with the purpose of benefitting to a calm and relaxing environment in the room designed for therapy sessions for the students.

the mural is painted with spray and acrylics. 

 Mural with spring theme 

Reference : Lynghuset  

Lynghuset is a housing offer for developmentally disabled citizens in Copenhagen NV, who wanted a beautiful wall decoration with a nature theme to decorate their institutional walls throughout the building

This mural is the spring theme that I painted in their hallway- each individual floor of the building got their own season as a mural in the institution. See more of the seasons that I painted in Lynghuset later down on the page here.

 Summer theme mural (2019)

Reference : Lynghuset  

This mural is the summer theme that I painted on the first floor of Lynghuset – the mural begins with palm trees and a beach vibe, and transititons into a more mexican style of mural, with cactus plants and prairie landscape.

Mural with autumn theme 

Reference : Lynghuset  

This mural on the 2nd floor of Lynghuset was the autumn season theme, with many different leaves in colorful autumn style, along with birds and trees.

Watch a short video of the autumn theme painting process, along with customer testimonials from coworkers and Head of Department Vibeke Jessen in the video here:

Winter theme mural (2019) 

Reference : Lynghuset  

Winter theme mural🍂❄️The last of 4 large murals that I performed in the Lynghuset, here is the winter theme on the 4th floor.

This mural has a really nice winter vibe to it, with a snow landscape as the background for various winter trees and leaves, along with an owl and birds.

Large tree mural in school library

Reference : Lyngholm school 

“Throughout May, William Thystrup, who works daily as an artist, has been working on a 5 x 7 meter mural in the Lyngholm School’s library.

The theme of the mural has been imagination and diversity, and William Thystrup has met with great enthusiasm from the school’s children and young people daily in the process, he says.

Now the mural is finished and the students can look forward to seeing the finished result after the summer holidays. ”

– Quote from the local newspaper – read the article HERE


Gaming room mural

Reference : Rudersdal kommune

Had the pleasure of painting this gaming room mural, with Counterstrike and Fantasy theme. The challenge was to integrate their new air conditioning system into the painting, so I chose to use a 3d wallcrack background for the theme where the pipe could pop out from the wall.

The mural is done with spray and airbrush for the small details.


Gym murals

Reference : Aalborg university

Aalborg University wanted to get a unique and graphic mural decoration for their new fitness rooms, where they have both bicycle, yoga and weight lifting rooms.


The theme of the murals was a combination of silhouettes of well-known sports stars, combined with a series of motivational quotes, written in graffiti style. The murals are done in simple style with only black acrylic paint and brush.



Mural in Children’s Library

Reference : Koege library

Mural done for Køge library, in the entrance to their children’s section. The theme was adventure / fantasy / animals, and this is the colorful result. The mural is done with a combination of spray, brush and airbrush over 4 days in November 2015.

Mural silhouettes

Reference : Soeborg SOSU school

These murals that I made for Soeborg SOSU school are based on the theme of “movement”, as decoration for the school hallway in their sports department.

The murals are done with acrylic paint and brush


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