Graffiti Workshops in Copenhagen

I offer a fun and creative one-day graffiti workshop that caters to all companies and team building events.

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graffiti workshop
graffiti workshop

"Thank you for your graffiti workshop - it was a rush of a day that the students really enjoyed! We are very pleased with the process and the result that is now hanging around in the school."

– – Lasse Hein, teacher at Skovbrynet School

"Thank you for your great workshop - The students got a lot out of it and held a good exhibition last Friday."

– Mette Cantby, teacher at Høng high school and HF

“Thank you very much - it was a pleasure. The kids were absolutely crazy about it, we continued for a bit yesterday, so it's been really good. Really good luck and thank you for your efforts and many good tips ”

– Ebbe Ebbesen, visual arts teacher at Haarby school (Fyn)

Graffiti workshop for students and youngsters

The workshop caters to groups of young people and students, and offer them the opportunity to try painting with spray paint on walls or wooden boards, and even creating their own graffiti painting, under my guidance. The maximum number of participants per workshop is approximately 30-35 students / participants.

In the gallery above you can see some pictures from a graffiti workshop for schools and students.

The graffiti workshop is of a single day duration. The workshop caters to all kinds of clubs, schools and institutions, and can be held with participants in all age groups, though not under 12 years of age.

Graffiti workshop for companies and adult parties

This workshop caters to companies, private groups of adults and event agencies who are looking for a fun, different and creative activity for a company event in Copenhagen.

In the gallery above you can see some pictures from a graffiti workshop for a danish event agency.

 The workshop is of a single day duration, where participants are given the opportunity to try and be creative with spray paint under my guidance – the graffiti workshop can either function as a stand-alone activity or as an activity out of many for your company event. We typically paint one painting pr participant, either on wooden boards or on another type of surface. I take care of everything in addition, including materials and safety equipment. The only condition for organizing the workshop is that it must take place in an outdoor location.

I have done graffiti workshops for various companies, including :
Bestseller, Nordea, Brammers Event, Cowi, Nyla Designs, Marienlund, Coastzone, among many others.

“Thank you very much for your workshop - it was a total blast!”

– Camilla Nielsen, Brammers event

graffiti workshop

The course of the graffiti workshop

The graffiti workshop is typically of a single day duration (between 3-6 hours).

I typically start by giving a small presentation about graffiti and street art of about 20 minutes duration, after which the participants are divided into groups of 3-6 people, and then they can begin their spray painting, under my guidance./p>

The participants may have a sketch prepared for the design they want to paint, otherwise I will give them a number of ideas for designs that they can choose from.

Terms and conditions

The main condition for a graffiti workshop is that it has to be held outdoors. Preferably the client has a wall or other surface that we can paint on. If this is not a possibility for your company, then i can provide the location and wooden boards for the workshop.

I make sure to bring all materials to the workshop, including spray paint and protective equipment (dust masks + gloves).

graffiti workshop skole
graffiti workshop jylland


Participants will have a fun, unique and creative experience where they will be tested on their creativity, collaborative skills and sense of color, as well as the joy of seeing their idea / design painted on a large and beautiful wooden board or wall. You can then use the participants’ works to hang up and decorate the school or office space, or hold a small exhibition with the finished works afterwards.

The participants may have a sketch prepared for the design they want to paint, otherwise I will give them a number of ideas for designs that they can choose from.

About me

I make a daily living by doing large murals for companies and businesses, as well as holding graffiti and street art workshops for children and young people. I have over 15 years of experience in teaching children and young people in painting graffiti with spraypaint.

I’ve held graffiti and street art workshops for a variety of schools, clubs and institutions, including:
Albertslund lilleskole, Korsager skole, Gladsaxe skole, Skovbrynet Skole, Idrætshøjskolen Ikast, Høng Gymnasium og HF, Bagsværd fritidsklub, Antvorskov skole, EUC Køge, Haarby skole, Bernadotteskolen, Sølyst (den kongelige skydebane), Tapperiet (Køge), Dansekapellet (Københavns Danse- og bevægelseshus), Det kgl. vajsenhus fritidshjem, Hoffmanns minde (valby), Gadehavegård (Høje Tåstrup), Boomblastar festival (Roskilde), Havregården kostskole,

among many others.

graffiti workshop klampenborg
graffiti workshop københavn

What is the price of a graffiti workshop?

A one-day graffiti workshop for a normal group of people between 20-25 participants costs DKK 5500 (the price includes all materials except for wooden boards). However, the price may vary slightly in relation to the number of participants.
If the workshop is to take place outside the Copenhagen area, transport costs will be added to the price. PS: For company and team building events, the price may vary according to the number of participants.

If you are interested in booking a graffiti workshop for your company, students or business, please send an email to, eller giv mig et kald på tlf 26209415and I will get back to you as soon as possible so we can talk further.

I will look forward to hearing from you!


Contact BecomeOne

You are always welcome to contact me about a task. I can be contacted by phone or mail :

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I will look forward to hearing from you !