Murals for offices & businesses

In this gallery you can see a selection of murals that I have painted for a large number of big and small companies, and get inspired for your own company’s office mural.

40 meters long mural in Store Kongensgade

References : Gefion Group – Harder Gruppen – OverByen Arkitekter – Oluf Jørgensen ingeniører 

I was hired by the Harder group, Gefion group, OverByen architects and Oluf Jørgensen engineers respectively to paint a 40 × 2 meter long mural on Store Kongensgade 100-106 in the inner city, in connection with their rebuilding of the old police station on Store kongensgade.

I had artistic freedom to make my own Graffiti Art on half of the wall, so i painted my artist name BECOME in 3D letters on the first part, where the letters tell the story of the construction work. The result can be seen in the pictures here – read more about the mural project in my interview with the City newspaper (inner city local newspaper) which can be read at the link

Custom painted christiania bike (2019)

Reference : TV2 

Danish national television channel TV2’s political editors wanted a sharp and eye-catching decoration for their Christiania bicycle, which they use at Christiansborg for interviews with various politicians, etc. The theme of the bicycle was to be Copenhagen, with a sharp sunset and contrasting color. The TV2 bike got its TV premiere on the day of the climate demonstration in Copenhagen this year, where TV2 covered the event live from Christiansborg.

The bike is painted with a combination of spray and acrylic paint

"It just looks great - we're very happy with the result!!"

– Mads Bisgaard, political editor for TV2

3D office mural

Reference : Chainbox 

3D mural with the theme of wires and cables, made for the Danish IT company Chainbox in inner Copenhagen. The mural adds a colorful vibe to the office space, with a bunch of colorful wires and cables jutting out from small hidden spaces, giving the viewer an experience of an extra dimension in the wall. The mural is done with spray and airbrush.

Mountain side Mural

Reference : ComOn Networks 

Mural of mountain side done in the Danish IT company ComOn Network’s office corridor in Bredgade in the inner city of copenhagen. The mural is painted in freehand after a photo of the Alps mountain side.

The mural is painted only with spraypaint.

Star Wars office mural

Reference : Pentia 

Welcome to outer space! Here are a few pictures of my mural with the classic Star wars theme “battle of the death star”. Made for the cool folks at the digital company Pentia.

The mural was displayed on the front page of danish newspaper Boersen in connection with a great article about Pentia and their love for Star Wars.

The mural is done with spray and airbrush.

Commission a mural

Do you also want an awesome mural painted in your office space? Send an email to or call me on+45 26 20 94 15  and tell me about your wishes for the mural, as well as the location and the measurements of the area that you wish to get painted, and I will return as soon as possible with an offer.

Mural with underwater theme

Reference : Novo Nordic 

Novo Nordic hired me to decorate the entrance to their chemical laboratory in Copenhagen with 2 beautiful underwater murals.

The theme was underwater and the result of the second mural can be seen further down the menu. For the task I used spray paint and Airbrush.

Mural with beach theme

Reference : CO-RO A/S

The international juice and soft drink manufacturer CO-RO A / S, who is standing behind the world famous brands Suntop, Sun Lolly and Sunquick, hired me to perform a large mural for their new lounge area at their large factory and headquarters in Frederikssund. The graffiti-inspired mural should include their leading products and logo, in a beach theme with sunset and “hole-in-wall” effect as a backdrop.

The mural was completed at their annual summer party, and is done with spray, airbrush and markers.

Mural for Siemens windpower in simulator room

Reference : Siemens  

Siemens Wind Power’s training center in Brande, wanted to get a unique decoration for their simulator room, where they train technicians to mount wings on offshore wind turbines on a virtual big screen. The task was to create the illusion of standing on a ship’s deck, which forms the frame for the mural, with the associated sea and sky background.

The mural is done with a combination of spray and airbrush.

Robot mural

Reference : Comparex A/S

Mural made for the Danish Microsoft partner Comparex, done in their new office space in Birkerød. The robot Charly is their mascot, so it became the natural main element of the mural, in addition to the flying laptop with the reference to Microsoft, as well as the sign with their company logo. 

The mural is done with spray and airbrush.

See Timelapse video of the mural here :

3D Mural in office meeting room

Reference : Net1

The Danish mobile broadband provider Net1 hired me to carry out a large three-dimensional mural, which should include a number of elements that characterize the company, including broadband masts and wind turbines, as one of their larger customers is Vestas. The mural is done with spray and airbrush.


Reference : Cafè Woodplay (vesterbrogade) 

Mural decoration in cafe on Vesterbrogade with football portraits of the best – Messi, Zlatan, Ronaldo and Ronaldino. Done with a combination of spray and brush acrylic

Mural of skyline in drone perspective

Reference : LetsGo-Digital 

Mural of the Shanghai skyline seen from a drone perspective, done in the Danish IT company LetsGoDigital`s office located in Bredgade in inner Copenhagen. The mural is painted in freehand after a photo from LetsGoDigital`s website

The mural is painted with spray and airbrush.

See timelapse video of the mural here :

New York mural on top of Manhattan

Reference : Vertic 

The international digital agency Vertic, asked me to come and paint a colorful mural in their office space on top of Manhattan, New York.

In collaboration with their in-house designer Jonas Kochen, we created a graphic and colorful image for their large white end wall. The theme is New York, in a funky and futuristic graffiti style.

The mural is done with spray and acrylic paint in their New York office space.

See video of the process here :

Wall murals for

Reference : Just-Eat

Just-eat hired me to decorate their office space in Copenhagen and Aarhus with a number of street-art inspired murals. The motif for the murals is based on Just-eats universe, with the well-known figure Mr. Mozarella from Just-eats commercials and the well-known brick background from Just-eats website next to the chef who sprays the Just-eat logo on the wall.

The murals are made with spray and airbrush.

Mural in cph airport

Reference : Tax-free shop 

The Heinemann Tax-free shop commissioned me to carry out a mural, which symbolised their vision, in connection with the renovation of the Tax-free shop’s new premises in the airport gate area.

Organizational tree painting on canvas

Reference : Aasted Aps 

On the occasion of the Danish chocolate production company Aasted having its 100th anniversary this year, they would like to paint a painting to show how the organization is structured and how they grow together as a company under the motto “Grow together”.

This we agreed to visualize in the form of a large organizational tree, which with its branches shows the different departments of the company, and which with each leaf represents an employee who is employed in the different departments.

The painting is done with spray and airbrush on a specially constructed canvas measuring 3 x 3 m.

Ofiice mural at CEO office Comendo A/S

Reference : Comendo

“statement” mural in director Gert Ridder’s office at the large Scandinavian IT company Comendo A / S – “just F …… Do It”

vægmaleri citat

Underwater Mural – Part 2

Reference : Novo Nordic

Novo Nordic hired me to decorate the entrance to their chemical laboratory in Bagswaard with 2 beautiful murals.

This painting is the second of 2 large underwater murals, with Atlantis theme and dolphins.

Mural in office corridor for the international digital agency Vertic in Copenhagen

Reference : Vertic 

The large digital agency VERTIC contacted me about a possible mural for their new office space in inner Copenhagen by the lakes, in connection with the launch of their new website and brand / redesign.

After an introductory meeting, we found a concept and style in collaboration. Since vertic has offices in both Copenhagen and New York, it was natural to use a few well-known images that could represent the close relationship between DK and the US. The two black and white graphic images of the Statue of Liberty and the Little Mermaid are a product of my work with photographs of them in the Illustrator program. The whole thing is painted in free hand, with brush and acrylic paint.

Graphic mural – nature theme 

Reference : Fullrate & Telmore 

In connection with the launch of Fullrate and Telmore’s new office space in Høje Tåstrup, I was hired to decorate their 25 meter long white wall in the canteen with a graphic mural. Since Fullrate and Telmore both use green color and nature themes in their logo and campaigns, I decided in collaboration with Fullrate graphic designer Anders Poulsen, to paint a graphic nature concept in the form of trees, plants and flying leaves on the white walls of the canteen.


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